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GPM-Invest and its partners have had experience introducing Sophisticated opportunities for decades and for most have made a significant difference in the way investors are making their money work for itself, giving you as an investor a much broader range of opportunities that you will not find on the high street.

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Statistically, 99% of investors normally will not be aware of the sophisticated area of the markets and in general have followed the norm such as cash ISAS, bank bonds or just a general savings account of which if your lucky will only be providing you with on average 1% a year. Here at GPM-Invest we are here to unlock your earning potential and strategically educate you on how the top 1% of investors are gaining interest in excess of 8% a year.

Don’t Settle For Less

Unlocking the door to join the top 1%

GPM-Invest will help each client that we see suitable if not already qualified, understand what becoming an educated decision maker can do to unlock your earning potential, once you have qualified you will have the key to successful opportunities that could give you the financial freedom you have longed to discover.

Our Values

Transparency and integrity

GPM-Invest and its partners have a very strict regime in selecting our high calibre investment opportunities, we conduct in-depth due-diligence into each project we believe will suit each individual need our clients are looking for, down to capital protection, clear exit strategies and most importantly your total return.

All material you need as a customer for due-diligence will be provided upon your request and if necessary we advise our clients to visit any corporation that we promote also.


Investment Capital Protection

GPM-Invest make it paramount in the majority of our opportunities to provide you as a client a safety net to make sure each project meets their obligations. Projects failing to meet their obligations will normally result in companies loosing powers of their estate or assets.

Protection of this manner is normally phrased as a Debenture or Asset Backed


Debenture/Asset backed Exp.

A Debenture or Asset Backed is a protection and a commitment made from a party to make sure you as an investor will have protection throughout your journey if there was any default or missed obligatory requirements you have been contracted to.

It works as a level of security, where the party or parties require a level of investment but inturn give up control of their assets as collateral against the investment until both interest and capital has been returned in full to you as an investor.

Normally each party will either provide a contracted corporate guarantee or an independent regulated trustee who will have legal charge over the parties estate until contractual requirements are met for you as an investor.

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